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January 2019 – Today
Faire corps
A research on the body in formal and informal education

“Faire corps” is a project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. It consists of a travelling research seminar that brings together 12 trainers of four organisations from Greece, Germany, Spain and France, all active in the field of artistic and popular education. The theme of the seminar is the body in formal and informal education. The research was carried out during three meetings in Valencia, Berlin and Athens between 2019 and 2020. Through workshops and exchanges on our practices, we worked on the role and potential of the body in teaching situations.

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May – September 2013
Y.I.T.A.C – Young International Theater Against Crisis (France – Germany – Greece)

Eos Art in collaboration with l`Aria Corse, Atrium Berlin, 47 Plus and the Robert Bosch Stiftung, implemented the European program Jeunesse en action, «Y.I.T.A.C.» based on the subject: How The Young People Cope With The Financial Crisis.

Y.I.T.A.C. (Young International Theatre Against Crisis) is a theater project in which 28 young adults from Athens, Paris and Berlin with different backgrounds but all part of the economic crisis, come together in an effort to give solutions through theatre and to prove that there is another way, there is another Europe.

Each group works alone for half a year in their country on the same topic . The aim of this work is a ten-day meeting of all participants in the same city where during a workshop, the results of the preliminary work are merged and presented in a performance open to the audience. In this project  ongoing performances took place as a result of the research (work in progress) in Corsica and Berlin.

In a Europe infested by an economic and political crisis where prejudice, fear and ignorance threat to overwhelm trust and cooperation among European citizens, we choose to approach each other and create something together. Through theater we defy language barriers and we invest on cultural diversity, instead of fighting it, giving our own version of Europe.


May – September 2015
Y.I.T.A.C. II – Aiming at the future (France – Germany – Greece)

After the success of Y.I.T.A.C. Eos Art in collaboration with l`Aria Corse and Atrium Berlin decided to continue with Y.I.T.A.C. II – Aiming at the future, an Erasmus+ project that took place in Athens.

As a first step, the participants did significant research on the chosen topic “Y.I.T.A.C. II is aiming at the future.” Then, from the information gathered, they created and developed theatrical material such as improvisations, texts, choreographies etc.  Finally, in Athens, this material was merged into one collective creation presented to a live audience.

Each step of this collective work has an undeniable impact on future projects of the young people, as many of the developed skills can be reinvested in their socio-professional life. The project encourages the development and blossoming of individuals through a context which requires them to position themselves in the community. In these times of crisis, the simple fact of meeting, discussing and sharing ideas gives the youngsters the possibility of expanding  their  imagination, breaking the boundaries of their country and being part of an expanded and more sensitive community.