Theatre Company NISIS


The overall process that unfolds and progresses to completion in a performance
Research that starts at the beginning of the year on a subject we chose together
The selection and study of materials (texts – poems – songs) that each member proposes to the group
The process of improvisation, which leads to the creation of the performance
The discovery and expression of personal talents and capabilities of the participants throughout the entire process

Today, the founding of the non-for profit company EOS-art is giving us the opportunity to continue our work in our new space at 5 Platonos St, in the neighbourhood of Metaxourgio.



2013: The Past of the Present… I’ll let you know

A performance as a journey in the most important historical events in Greece during the 20th century, as seen through Greek poetry, live music and witness accounts. Greece during the Balkan wars, Smyrna in the 40s, Civil War, Junta, The National Technical University resistance, and in 2013. What changed and what remained the same?

2012: Brainwashing

A performance based on the texts of Matei Visniec (My Nationality is the Colour of the Wind, translation – artistic direction: Ersa Vasilikioti) and texts of Greek poets and international authors.

2011: I Dream a Dream

An adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The poet himself during his troubled, anxious sleep becomes an accomplice and also participates in a dream, as he is trying to write down the dream’s plot, and to follow heroes, which appear before him unexpectedly. The play focuses on the poet’s meeting with the elf Puck and his trip to the land of shadows where he becomes a spectator of the erotic escapades of the heroes. When he wakes up, he discovers a new poem next to him entitled “Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

2011: To Where?

A performance staged as a game based on the notions of existence, memory and loneliness, created from improvised texts and poems.

2010: Lesson, Lesson, Lesson… / Class, class, class…

The first performance of the Theatre Company Nisis was based (as the title implies) on lessons learned. Inspired by Greek and international texts, as well as by poems and songs, we created a performance, based on the subject: ”The extreme moments of human behaviour”.




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