Eos Art

Theatre Company NISIS


The overall process that unfolds and progresses to completion in a performance
Research that starts at the beginning of the year on a subject we chose together
The selection and study of materials (texts – poems – songs) that each member proposes to the group
The process of improvisation, which leads to the creation of the performance
The discovery and expression of personal talents and capabilities of the participants throughout the entire process

Today, the founding of the non-for profit company EOS-art is giving us the opportunity to continue our work in our new space at 5 Platonos St, in the neighbourhood of Metaxourgio.



2013: The Past of the Present… I’ll let you know

A performance as a journey in the most important historical events in Greece during the 20th century, as seen through Greek poetry, live music and witness accounts. Greece during the Balkan wars, Smyrna in the 40s, Civil War, Junta, The National Technical University resistance, and in 2013. What changed and what remained the same?

2012: Brainwashing

A performance based on the texts of Matei Visniec (My Nationality is the Colour of the Wind, translation – artistic direction: Ersa Vasilikioti) and texts of Greek poets and international authors.

2011: I Dream a Dream

An adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The poet himself during his troubled, anxious sleep becomes an accomplice and also participates in a dream, as he is trying to write down the dream’s plot, and to follow heroes, which appear before him unexpectedly. The play focuses on the poet’s meeting with the elf Puck and his trip to the land of shadows where he becomes a spectator of the erotic escapades of the heroes. When he wakes up, he discovers a new poem next to him entitled “Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

2011: To Where?

A performance staged as a game based on the notions of existence, memory and loneliness, created from improvised texts and poems.

2010: Lesson, Lesson, Lesson… / Class, class, class…

The first performance of the Theatre Company Nisis was based (as the title implies) on lessons learned. Inspired by Greek and international texts, as well as by poems and songs, we created a performance, based on the subject: ”The extreme moments of human behaviour”.





Our Team

Natalia Stylianou
Actress/ choreographer/ teacher

Natalia is an actress, choreographer and teacher of performing arts.
Born in Athens, she graduated from Beaki Drama School with a BA in Acting. She has since collaborated with many Greek directors.
From 2001 till 2007, she has been a member of the National Theatre Experimental Stage, artistically directed by Stathis Livathinos.
She has worked as Assistant Choreographer to E. Pitta in three separate productions at Epidavros Open Theatre.
She has also starred in film and TV productions.
In 1996 she was awarded with the State Award for Best Actress in a leading role for her interpretation, in the film ”Cow’s Orgasm”. In 2010 and 2012 she was the recipient of the First Award for Choreography at the Hellenic Festival of Amateur Theatre in Corinth, for the productions “Heracleidae” by Evripidis and “The Colour of Wind” by M. Visniec, respectively, directed by N. Gesoulis. She has also collaborated with D. Oikonomou at Studio Theatroon.
Since 2010 she is responsible for the movement and choreography of the Opening Ceremony of the Athens Classical Marathon.
From May until September 2013 she worked in the European program Youth in Action, “YITAC 1” based on the subject: How The Young People Cope With The Financial Crisis, as a coach, co-ordinator and director for the Greek team, with performances in Corsica and Berlin.
She is currently teaching acting, improvisation, voice and speech training  at the Eos Art Studio.

More Detail:


Countess Geschwitz Proskinio Theatre/I. Paplomatas
2014/The word progress on my
mother’s lips doesn’t ring true
Mad Woman Proskinio Theatre/Nikos Gesoulis
2014/Md.Jojo Woman Topos Allou Theatre/Nikos Kamtsis
2014/Bea Beatrice Vafeio Theatre/F. Tzanetopoulou
2013/Poetry by T.Livaditis Woman Alexandria Theater/Nikos Gesoulis
2012/Krak Molly Ionic Centre/Nikos Gesoulis
2011/Footfalls Mae Topos Allou Theatre/Nikos Kamtsis
2010/Le Bebe
(original monologue)
Bebe Aplo Theatre/Orestis Tatsis
2010/End Game Nell Topos Allou Theatre/Nikos Kamtsis
2009/George Dandin Angelic Topos Allou Theatre/Nikos Kamtsis
2008/Rainbow-Rimbaud The Girl National Theater of Greece/Efi Theodorou
2008/Plasticine L. Ivanovna National Theater Ex.Stage/K. Evangelatou
2007/The Ten Commandments
(six-month experimental project)

National Theater Ex.Stage/V. Nikolaidis
/V. Arditis

/K. Arvanitakis
/M. Lumperopoulou
/T. Abazis

2006/A Dream Play Daughter National Theater of Greece/S. Livathinos
2006/Tartuffe Elmira National Theater Ex.Stage/Lilly Meleme
2005/Moliere Rival National Theater of Greece/S. Livathinos
(performed also at the Cal Performances Festival in Berkeley,San Francisco)
Chorus National Theater of Greece/S. Livathinos
2004/Fur Citrona National Theater Ex.Stage/M. Papadopoulou
2003/That,which has no end
(greek poetry of the 20thc.)
National Theater Ex.Stage/S. Livathinos
2002/Love’s Labour’s
(performed also at the International Festival for Experimental Theatre in Cairo,Egypt)
Lost Maria National Theater of Greece/S. Livathinos
2001/Stops under the city Daughter National Theater Ex.Stage/D. Oikonomou
2000/The Illusion Elisia/Lisa/Clarina Poreia Theatre/S. Livathinos
2000/Le Servant Tatooer Amore Theatre/E. Theodorou
1998/The Laughter of Gods Queen Kallithea Theatre/D. Oikonomou
1999/Romeo and Juliette Juliette Theater Antioxias/P. Oikonomopoulou
1997/The Touch of Zeus Eeo Princeton University,USA/E. Pitta


2003/Totally Married Leading Role Dimitris Indares,Dir.
1999/The Whirligig (short) Leading Role Aris Bafaloukas,Dir.
1998/The Mating Game Leading Role Olga Malea,Dir.
1996/Cow’s Orgasm Leading Role Olga Malea,Dir.


2009/Kariotakis  Supporting Lead/Recurring  ERT/T.Psarras,Dir.


2011-14/Opening Ceremony of
Athens Classical Marathon
Choreographer Marathon Open Space
2013/Poetry by T. Livaditis Choreographer Alexandria Theatre
2012/My Nationality, the Colour of Wind
by Matei Visniec
Choreographer Marathon Open Theatre
2011/Asma Asmaton Choreographer  Marathon Open Theatre
2010/The Heracleidae Choreographer  Marathon Open Theatre
Assistant Choreographer
Epidavros Open Theatre
Assistant Choreographer Epidavros Open Theatre
1997/Prometheus in Chains Assistant Choreographer Epidavros Open Theatre


From May until September 2013 she worked in the European program Youth in Action, “YITAC 1” based on the subject: How The Young People Cope With The Financial Crisis, as a coach, co-ordinator and director for the Greek team, with performances in Corsica and Berlin.

2013 – /Athens Conservatory of Music and Drama Acting,
2012 – /Eos Art Studio Acting, Improvisation
2007–13 /Nisis Amateur Theatre Group Coaching, Directing
2007–12 /Studio Theatroon Acting, Improvisation
2003 /Art Theater Karolos Koun Acting, Improvisation, Stage Movement


2012/My Nationality, the Colour of Wind First Award for Choreography
/Hellenic Festival for Amateur Theater
2010/The Heracleidae
First Award for Choreography
/Hellenic Festival for Amateur Theater
1996/Cow’s Orgasm
State Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role


BA in Acting (1995) Veaki Drama School
Classical dance (1979-1992) Olympia Yelodary and Sonya Morianova
ballet school
Modern dance (1987-1992)
under Katerina Pavlaki (Horton Technique)
under Ersie Pitta (choreographer and dancer,
studied under Jerome Andrews and Susan
Voice Training (2001-2003) under Irina Promtova (GITIS- Russan Academy
of Theatre Arts)
Stage Movement (2001-2003) under Andrey Shukin (Vakhtangov Theater


Lia Kikeri
Trainer/Holistic Therapist

Born in Athens, Lia completed her studies in Political Science & Public Administration at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens with specialisation in International & European relations and worked for about 19 years in the area of Human Resources Management, specializing in internal communication and event planning, training and recruitment and with experience in the coaching/mentoring of audit professional qualifications, in big firms, such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and in the banking sector, such as Eurobank. Lia is also a qualified Master NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming) practitioner and a New Code practitioner. As a volunteer, Lia has also experience in event management and for the past 6 years she is a board member of a cultural non‑profit organization of the island of Naxos and has participated in the organization of music concerts. Lia is the Operations & Production Manager of the non‑profit organisation “Eos-art” and since January 2014 she works as a holistic therapist and independent trainer in the field of personal growth and development.

She is also fluent in Greek, English, and French.



Elsa Andrianou
Theatrologist / dramatist / theater critic / literary teacher

Born in Athens.
She graduated from the Department of History – Archaeology and the Department of Theatre Studies at the University of Athens.
She has worked as a teacher Literary in many drama schools as: “Contemporary Theatre of Athens – George Kimoulis”, ”Theatro Tehnis – Karolos Koun”, “Delos – Theatre Drama School”, ”Patras Municipal Regional Theatre Drama School”, etc.
She has also worked as theatrologist for the Centre of Ancient Drama, the Third Programme, the ET1, and has participated as a writer, curator and member of the editorial team in various versions Theatrologists interest.
She worked as a theater critic at the Acropolis (1998-2000), The Word (1999-2011) and her writings have been published in various literary magazines and theater programs.
As a dramatist has worked with Stamatis Fasouli (Orestes), the Experimental Stage of the National Theatre (Ten Commandments – Thou shalt not steal) and on a permanent basis with Theodore Abazi and Theatre Group OPERA (Ut consecutivum – Dramaturgy composition based on Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov, Liebestod – A story of Romeo and Juliet – Dramaturgy composition based on: Romeo and Juliet Luigi da Porto, Four images Berfous love Lucas, The Misanthrope by Moliere).
She has made the Adaptation – Dramaturgy for: ”Traders of Nations” of A. Papadiamantis (S.G.T. Onassis Foundation, directed by Theodore Abazis), the ”Diavoliada” of M. Bulgakov (Translation & Adaptation Group UBUNTU, BIOS, directed by Eleana Tsichli), ”A Man for All Seasons” of R. Bolt (National Theatre, directed by Vangelis Theodoropoulos), and for ”Erotokritos” of V. Cornaro (Theatre Acropolis), “Iliad” of Homer (Athens Festival 2013, Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, Town Theatre) the ”Picnic nic” of Th. Sakellaridi – Nicholas Laskaris (Camerata Concert Hall), all directed by Stathis Livathinos, which is working steadily in recent years.
She has also done a translation of Euripides’ Trojan Women (Regional Theatre of Patras, Epidaurus Festival 2013, directed by Theodore Abazis), and the ”Wedding of Figaro” of Bomarse (Megaron 2015, directed by Stathis Livathinos).


Nikos Gesoulis
Actor / director / teacher

Born in Ioannina City.
He has BA in acting – Theodosiadis Drama school.
As an actor he participated in many performances in the National Greek and Regional theatre and worked with a lot of directors.
As a director, has directed several plays, among them: ”Bury the Dead” by Irvine Show, ”The Little Prince” byAntoine de Saint-Exupery, ”Germa” by Federico García Lorca, ”Wealth” ancient Greek comedy written by Aristophanes, ”Andromache” ancient Greek tragedy written by Euripides, ”Heracles” ancient Greek tragedy written by Euripides,”The Good Person of Szechwan” by Bertolt Brecht, ”Quarrels in Chioggia” by Carlo Goldoni, ”My Nationality color of the wind” by Matei Visniek, ”La Nonna” by Roberto Cosa.
The performances that he has directed, have won many awards in Hellenic Festivals, 11 of them for the Best Director.
Since 2007 he works as the Artistic Director of SEGAS, so he directs the Opening Ceremony of Athens Classical Marathon every year.


Reina Escenazy
Film – television director / teacher

Reina works in films and television since 1982, when she started her studies in Stavrakos film school”
From 1982 to 1992 she worked as an
assistant director in films, commercials and a tv series for BBC.
From 1992 until now she is working as a f
ilm and television director in movies, tv series, documentary film and talk shows.
In theater she has directed the plays: ”A hat ful of rain” by Michael Gazzo in 2005 and ”Anne Frank’s diary” in 2010.
She is teaching screen acting and film history and theory in ”Tabula Rasa drama school” and ”Iasmos drama school”.

Dimitris Imelos
Actor / teacher

Born in Athens.
He has BA in acting – Fotiadis Drama school.
He continued his studies in the Russian University of Theater act (GITIS), in the directing department under Leonid Heifetz.
In 2001 he was awarded with the ”Dimitris Xorn” state prize for his interpretation in ”Matamore” from ”The Illusion” (adapted from Pierre Corneille’s play L’illusion comique) by Tony Kushner.
In 2005 he was awarded with the second audience prize of ”Athinorama magazine” as the Best Actor in a leading role, for his interpretation in ”Moliere” from ”Le roman de Monsieur de Molière”, by Mikhaïl Boulgakov.
He is teaching acting, improvisation, voice and speech training.

Sofianna Theofanous
Actress / cultural manager

Born in Athens. She is a graduate of the Department of Communication and Cultural Management in Panteion University and ”Theatro Tehnis – Karolos Koun” where she graduated with honors from. She has also attended the “Triennial Workshop of Acting and Directing” in the Experimental Stage of the National Theatre of Greece, artistically directed by Stathis Livathinos.
As an actress, she participated in many performances in the National Greek and Regional theatre. She has also experience as a theatre coach for young teams and works with young people from different cultural background.
From May until September 2013 she worked in the European program Youth in Action, “YITAC 1” based on the subject: How The Young People Cope With The Financial Crisis, as a coach and co-ordinator for the Greek team, with performances in Corsica and Berlin.

George Panigiropoulos
Photographer / cameraman

Graduate from Stavrakos film school”
From 1989 until today has worked among others for: Shine FM,
Finead, Evoiki Dough, JUMBO, Run Communications, Buoyancy SA, Studio ATA IEK XINIS, Mediterranean College, Glamour, Coca-Cola, Attica Publications, Athenian Club, ON Productions etc.
He has worked as a photographer for the SKY channels and ALTER.
He is the official photographer of the Mega Channel and Alpha to promote Greek program channels in the print and electronic media.
Since 1988 the company is self «Studio Fotogenia- Advertising Photography”.

George Paterakis
Composer / piano solist

Born in Athens.
Until 1986 he studied piano at the
Conservatory of Music and Drama of Athens, with a scholarship from the conservatory, which is updated every year until graduation.
Alongside studying music theory (harmony-counterpoint) and composition with G. A Papaioannou.

In 1983, has been selected from the Federation Jeneusse Musicale and the Ministry of Culture, to attend a scholarship in piano tutorials in Grojnan of Yugoslavia, under professor Bernard Ringeissen.

In 1986 he gets his diploma from the ””Conservatory of Music and Drama with the grade of “honors and first prize unanimously” and the honorary prize of the finest patent of the year.

That same year he gives exam in ”Royal Academy of Music in London” where admitted to the advanced course and continue his studies in the class of Philip Fowke for two years. Simultaneously attending orchestral conducting.

In 1988 gets the scholarship of the”Alexander S. Onassis” Foundation, and continues his studies at the ”F. Liszt Academy” in Budapest at the classroom of the pianist K. Zempleni and Marta Gulyas violinist, studying chamber music.

He collaborates with the choir of ERT and the Yugoslav radio under the direction of A.. Kontogeorgiou and records for the ”Third Program of Greek Radio.

He is working with the symphony orchestra of the Royal Academy of London as a soloist under the baton of Maestro J. Stobart.
In 1991 he is qualify for the competition for young soloists of the “Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra” and joins the orchestra as soloist in the Piano Concerto No. 1 of Chopin, under the direction of conductor K. Trikolidis.
In 1992 joins as soloist with the “National Orchestra” in concert of Mozart KV491 under the direction of A. Symeonidi.
During the period 1992-1993 has permanent cooperation with the Romanian violinist Anka Ratiu, (Kameratas first violin) and also
with the Romanian kornista, Julian Ursu. They give concerts in various venues in Athens Concert Hall, and cities.
The 1995 works with the “Symphonic Orchestra and Choir
of ERT, this time under the direction of Miltiades coconuts, for a concert at the Athens Concert Hall.
From 1989 until today collaborates with many important Greek and foreign musicians in chamber music,
giving concerts played pieces for two pianos and Liederabend.
He gives solo recitals and chamber music concerts in most Athenian theaters, in various cities of Greece and also in Great Britain, Hungary, Cyprus and Yugoslavia.
He has recorded several solo recitals for the
”Third Program of ERA.

Maria Ploumi
Musician / lute teacher

Born in Athens .
Traditional lute lessons began at the age of 9 years with Kostis Kalaitzakis.
In 2001 was awarded with the First Prize at the
”National School of music competition””
The 2003 was introduced in the “Music Studies” at the University of Athens.
She has collaborated with: Gr. Aidonidis, K. Gkouventas, H. Tsiamoulis, K. Koullia, M. Papadea, G. Makris, M. Ahalinotopoulos, Th. Athanasiou, G. Kotsini, Th. Mermigka, N. Economides, L. Kalimeri, A. Tsekoura, M. Sebastyen, G. Paterakis, A. Bakirtzi etc. participating in international festivals and concerts in Greece and abroad, radio and television broadcasts, recordings, etc.

She has also done courses of Cretan lute under Charles Kouklaki, seminar of Cretan lute with George Xylouri (Psarogiorgis) workshop “Labyrinth” by Ross Daly, and seminar on the theory of modal music system with Socrates Sinopulos.
She attended singing lessons with Paul Maropoulos, acting
lessons with Natalia Stylianou and seminar on the physical status of the phonetic interpretation with Theodora and Irene Athanasiou.
She participated in amateur theatrical performances of ”Nisis Theater Company” as a musician and actor.

Taught lute at the Museum of Greek Popular Musical Instruments from 2009 to 2013.
From the autumn of 2014
she is working in the group of ”Traditional Music Teachers Nakas Conservatory”.
Since 2011 works consistently with pianist George Paterakis, Argyris Bakirtzi and Stavroula Paul in ”String Theory Ensemble” and from 2012
with Theodora Athanasiou (guitar) in the duet “To Hapi” (the pill)

Maria Savvidou
Actress / teacher

Born in Kavala.
She has BA in acting – Geny Karezi Drama school.
She participated in the International Theater Festival Istropolitana in Bratislava 2000, Solavakia.
She attended seminar based on Michael Chekhov method in London (Graham Dixon, 2001), voice seminar under Irinna Promtova (voice teacher at the Russian University of Theater act – GITIS) and stage movement seminar under Andrei Soutkin (professor of stage movement and acrobatics school in Vakhtangov)
In 2005 she participated in ”Alcestis” ancient Greek tragedy written by Euripides, a MA project of Antonias Dogget, (translation – adaptation in English by Ted Hughes), Wroclaw – Poland.
From 2001 until 2007 she belonged to the basic core of the Experimental Stage of the National Theatre of Greece, artistically directed by Stathis Livathinos.
As an actor, she participated in many performances in the National Greek and Regional theatre and worked with a lot of directors.
She is teaching acting and improvisation.
During this time, she is participating in the performance “Iliad” of Homer, directed by S. Livathinos, (staged first time at the Athens Festival in 2013) and continues with performances in Greece as well as in many internalional theater festivals abroad like the “60 festival de teatro clasico de Merida 2014″, the ”National Theater” of Spain, Madrid (Oct. 2014) and the “Festival Intarnational de Teatro Santiago a Mil ” Chile 2015.


Dr Myrto Raftopoulou
Dr Cell Biology/NLP Trainer 

Myrto is a freelance journalist and editor in the fields of coaching, mentoring and neuroscience and also works as an independent trainer in the field of personal growth and development. This allows her to combine her passion in developing human potential and excellence together with understanding how the human mind works. As a Master Practitioner and Licenced Trainer of NLP as well as Certified Corporate Coach she has helped a variety of people from different cultural, ethnic or economic backgrounds to discover and achieve their goals in their career or personal life.

Myrto started her career as a scientist, specialising in Neuroscience. After having completed a PhD in Cell Biology, she pursued her PostDoctoral research at the New York University Medical Centre, before switching from academic research to science publishing.

Myrto has more than ten years experience working as an editor or journalist in very different areas such as science, – as a full-time or freelance editor for Nature Publishing Group since 2004 – and in shipping , where she held the position of Editor in Chief and Managing Editor of Efoplistis Magazine for four years, where she interviewed some of the most prominent figures of Greek and international shipping and was responsible for editorial policy, and for writing the editorials, current affairs and financial sections.

Recently, she accepted the post of Editor in Chief of the EMCC’s International Journal of Coaching & Mentoring, which complements her role as Vice-President of the Hellenic Coaching Association and board member since 2012. She is also fluent in Greek, English, French and has working knowledge of Spanish.

Orestis Tatsis

He studied at the University of Ioannina (Pedagogy). Holder of a Master’s degree in Cultural Management of the Department of Communication, Media and Culture of Panteion University. PhD candidate in Theory of Art. He teaches Theatrical History and Philosophy at the Drama School of the Municipal Theatre of Patras. She directed the performances: “The Bemba” by D. Tsekoura, “The Marquise de Sade” by Yukio Mishima, “The Butterfly’s Evil Spell” by Ph. C. Lorca, “The Sign” by D. Tsekoura, “Terminal” K. Tzamioti. He is dramaturgy consultant and partner of the group “Creo”, Artistic Director of the non-profit organisation “Flowing” which has made theater productions and contemporary dance, art exhibitions and other cultural and educational activities.
His writings have appeared in performances programs (NTNG Regional Theatre of Ioannina, etc.), magazines (Babylonia, Contact, City Vibes), newspapers (Dawn, Contemporary Expression, Continental Race) and internet (TVXS) on politics, theater, painting, etc.

For start Eos

Ἕως (η)· Attic type Ionikos ηώς·  dawn, daybreak, daylight II particular morning as a time of the day, often esimainen day II sometimes east II as the foremost name Ηώς, Aurora· the goddess of dawn or dawn, it is rebels from the Ocean, from the bed of her husband Tithonou


(Henry G. Liddell – Rober Scott, Μέγα Λεξικόν της Ελληνικής Γλώσσης)

Our Place

Eos-art has a spacious loft situated between the neighborhoods of Metaxourgeio and Academia Platonos. The space has its own heating unit and a special dance floor and it is fully equipped to cover the needs of the acting classes and of the seminars it hosts (both theoretical and practical).

The space is available to hire for rehearsals or as a seminar room.

Location: 5, Platonos St., Metaxourgeio- Academia Platonos.

Platonos street is perperndicular to Konstantinoupoleos street where it meets the bridge Athens-Kavala.

Closest metro/subways stations are Metaxourgeio or Kerameikos.

Nearby stations:

SPYROU PATSI (72 m B) 025
Buses from this station:
025 – A15 – B15 – B16 – C16

Metaxourghiou Square (198 m NE) 12 051, A13
Buses from this station:
025 – A15 – B15 – B16 – C16
Bus station ID: 060 243

Nearby Stations: Trolei
PEROKE (78 m B) 1057, A15, B15
SILK (108 m SW) 12 A15, B15
Silk STATION (132 m B) 1057, A15, B15

Metaxourgio Metro Station services from this station: M2
Bus Station ID: 060 1140

Keramikos Metro  services from this station: M3
Bus Station ID: 060 029