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Monday 3 October 2016 – Self-awareness seminar

‘The Power Of Forgiveness’

Lecturer: Sofia Kalatzi

Do you feel that everyone is pushing you to your limits and that makes you mad? The time has come for you to liberated yourself from bitterness, anger, grief, criticism, self-criticism and regret! The time has come to meet the real you! To understand,

accept and love yourself!

March – April 2016 – NLP Workshop

EOS – art is organizing a  Personal Growth Workshop  based on NLP techniques taught by the Licenced/Certified NLP Trainer Myrto Raftopoulou and on acting techniques taught by the actress, choreographer and stage performer Natalia Stylianou.

“Fight over your fears and make your wishes come true”

October – December 2014 – NLP Workshop

EOS – art is organizing a one of a kind Personal Growth Workshop in 2 modules of 12 and 18 hours each, based on NLP techniques taught by the Licenced/Certified NLP Trainer Myrto Raftopoulou and on acting techniques taught by the actress, choreographer and stage performer Natalia Stylianou.


A fun and easy way to get to know, accept and develop ourselves is through art, and more specifically through theatre. Another way is through NLP.

In this workshop we will be using age-old theatre techniques (trust exercises, teamwork, απευθυνση, perception) as well as established NLP tools (understanding how our mind works and how I can change old habits that stop my personal growth), in order to increase our general awareness. But also to identify good and bad habits and change on a personal level as well as in a group setting the things that hold us back in our daily lives and become obstacles in our journey to realizing our goals and dreams.

How many times have you decided on a goal only to realize later on that you didn’t succeed or that it was accomplished only in part or with great effort and difficulty? How many times have you said to yourself: “This time I am going to make it?”

The techniques that we will learn together, which are based on the internationally established NLP techniques and also on theatre, will allow you easily and effortlessly and in a perfectly friendly and safe environment to:

Become empowered
Feel energized and full of confidence and optimism
Design the future of your dreams and make it happen

In this 2-modue workshop you will learn:

Module 1: Be your own hero

How your mind works, what holds you back and who is in charge of your future
How to use language and your internal dialogue as your number one cheerleader
How to create your own success recipe
How to build up power, energy and confidence when you need them most

Module 2: Design the future of your dreams

Which are the conditions that lead to the successful completion of a task or goal
Which are your values, your motivations and your needs
How to get rid of limiting beliefs and thoughts, unwanted habits, attitudes and negative emotions, which create internal conflicts and are holding you back
How to easily and effortlessly succeed at your goals and begin to realize your dreams
What is the first step and where to find the necessary resources to accomplish your goals

Note: In order to attend Module 2, you need to have attended Module 1.

When and where:

October – December 2014
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 18.00 – 21.00
Workshop duration: 30 hours in total (Module 1: 12 hours, Module 2: 18 hours)
Place: EOS-art, 5 Platonos St, Academia Platonos – Metaxourgeio
Max. number of participants: 15 (one place is reserved free of charge to an unemployed person)
For more information and to reserve a place, please contact us on:
Tel: 6947629055
Email: eosart.seminars@gmail.com

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Eos-art is also very active in the field of personal growth and development providing workshops/seminars in reflexology, NLP, energy therapies, healing, etc.

In cooperation with experienced and qualified therapists and licensed trainers, the company organizes one day or two days workshops, modular workshops and groups for weekly gatherings with the aim of personal and spiritual development, as well as physical health and wellbeing.


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